How Men & Women Make Decisions: The Science

It has been proven through research that women have almost ten times the white matter that men do, while men have 6.5 times as much gray matter as women do. The information processing centers of the brain are located in the gray matter and the networks or connections of these processing centers are made up of white matter. So, what does this mean? It means men need less information to make a decision and women like to research all options prior to making a decision.


While men will make quicker decisions in deciding to follow a leader, women will want to weigh all possible combinations before becoming your follower. Hence, women should not be rushed during the “decision” process. Also, since women weigh all options before making a decision (to follow you), their decisions may be based upon sound facts and tend to be long term as compared to decisions made by men, who may take a “more educated guess and prove later” approach.

Inferior parietal lobule (IPL) is a region on both sides of the brain, located just above the level of the ears. The left IPL is more developed in men and corresponds to perception of time and speed. In women, the right IPL is larger. As we know, the right brain has more to do with emotions and intuition. This means while men are more drawn to solving a problem, women want to understand the dynamics of a problem before deciding on a solution. Studies have shown that right IPL is also related to memories; therefore, women connect with, and bring into play, past memories more vividly than men.

This means that the male follower will expect a leader (whether male or female) to respond very quickly to queries and questions. Female followers will be happier if the leader takes time to research her queries and explores all issues related to that decision before presenting her with an answer.

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