A Force to be Reckoned With… Video

Video blogging (Vlogs) is fast becoming the latest and greatest way to communicate with clients, vendors, prospects or anyone who may be your audience. But can you sell using a video? What about social media, how does video relate? Recently video has taken the upper hand in many facets of communicating via the internet. Youtube is currently the second largest search engine with well over 2 billion search queries, it passed Yahoo late last year. With this type of interest taking hold, it’s important that as business owners we get into that market immediately.

According to this article published on Animoto.com, there are more than 7 billion videos watched every day on Facebook and YouTube! Here’s some of there findings:


After I noticed this trend with Youtube I did a little research as well as have had a few experiences with business associates. We have all heard the term “keywords” and ranking for the right keywords is a very important factor when it comes to finding yourself on the first page of results. But when it comes to videos there is a long list of how to optimize your video to grab the top spot on the search results page. Simply google “video optimization” and you will be bombarded with how to’s!

For this article I would like to focus more on the sales side of video. I recently left a meeting with a company I was considering hiring for a project. As I was getting into my car I received an email. To my surprise it was from the company I had just met with. I was literally still parked in front of their building. It was a video message thanking me for meeting with them. I was interviewing several companies for the project, but guess which company I went with? That’s right, I went with that company. After thinking about that situation I realized I was sold by the video. That became very powerful to me.

A simple thank you video is a strong message to your clients and even vendors. But I have done some research on how to create a video for sales. I discovered the tips below. Take a look at the tips below and do some of your own research! This is a simple, innovative and powerful tool for anyone in the business world, but specifically for us business owners. Happy videoing to you!

Have an Attention Grabber
Identify a Problem
Establish Video Scarcity (Sensitive Trade Secret not available long)
Aggravate the Problem
Provide a Solution (Your Product or Service)
Offer Features and Benefits
First Call to Action (CTA) Use Desire – Click button below
Present Credentials (Proof, results, case studies, testimonies)
Give a Guarantee
CTA 2 (Use Logic)
Give Warnings (Deadlines, Use Scarcity)
CTA 3 (Use Fear – Don’t miss this opportunity)