Acquiring & Retaining New Clients

getting-new-clientsAre you a Coach? How is your Coaching business doing? Are you struggling to get new clients? Do you feel lost when it comes to marketing yourself and your business?

The key to any Coaching business is acquiring and retaining new clients. Okay, but, how do I do that? How do you find and attain new clients to Coach?

You may have tried many different yet popular avenues to acquire clients; attending networking functions, handing out business cards or maybe a referral here or there. But, have these avenues lead to actual clients? More often than not the answer to that question is no.

Well here are some answers for you; at Mars Venus Coaching we have developed as well as tested and measured our marketing tools and sales systems. We have a proven strategy that our coaches use to seek out, acquire and retain good clients.

If you are frustrated because of any of the following give me a call and let’s get started today! Let me show you a better way.