7 Steps to Staying Focused


1. Set three daily priorities.

Each day, my priorities vary. So, I make it a point to write down the three things that must be achieved that day. This helps me keep focus on what I truly need to get done.

2. Reduce interruptions.

This is incredibly hard to do, but very important. A growing trend is more electronic interruptions than physical ones. To reduce these, try to spend an hour a day without email, the phone or instant messaging. it’s important to find a way to reduce interruptions so I can focus on my priorities.

3. Check email less frequently.

Time management experts recommend checking email only a few times a day rather than every five minutes. This is a great tip! Check your email early in the morning before the day begins, then periodically in between meetings and at the end of the day.

4. Don’t be a slave to your smartphone.

Your phone is like the feeder bar for your brain. Hit a button, get a jolt of dopamine. It’s addicting. Yes, we know smartphones are great for when you have to wait in line for more than five seconds. But phone tapping is one of the worst distractions of all.

When you can, put your phone in a different room—out of reach, out of sight and out of mind.

5. Set a timer.

Set up your computer to announce the hour, sort of like an old-fashioned grandfather clock. It’ll allow you to keep better track of time – especially when you’re engrossed in a project.

6. Listen to music.

The trick is finding music that inspires and energizes you without being distracting. Depending on your personal preferences, choose songs without lyrics that keep you calm, productive and “in the zone”.

7. Slow down and concentrate.

Your career path is a life-long endeavor. One to be enjoyed and savored, so easy does it. The biggest impediment to productivity and staying focused is unrealistic expectations. You’ll drive yourself crazy if you try to cram everything in at once. Even if tasks seem tiny, remember to stay present in the moment and work on each task in present mind.

One of the most rewarding perks about being a Mars Venus Coach, is that I get to share my experiences and coaching techniques with others. I’ve received an amazing education on how to best navigate through life’s challenges. I feel such amazing satisfaction because I know how to teach clients things like how to reduce their stress level, and how to best manage their career and personal goals. Best of all, I get a front row seat to witness them surpass goals and achieve amazing success.

If you have any questions about how to manage your time, focus or organizational skills, please feel free to contact me at richbernstein@marsvenuscoaching.com