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    Certified Mars Venus Coach in Las Vegas, NV

Coaching for small and medium sized business –
professional, fast, affordable

4 Easy steps to success –
The process is quite simple

1.) We talk about your business

We evaluate where your business is now, where you’d like it to go, and why that’s important to you.

2.) Do you have what it takes?

Once we know where we are, and where you want to go, we really have to know if you have what it takes to bridge the gap.

3.) Bridging the gap

Here, we make a list of every step it takes to bridge the gap. We list each and every task and associate time to do it.

4.) Let the journey begin

If this sounds important to you, complete my pre-client questionnaire and we’ll set up a complimentary evaluation of where your business is now now.

A little bit about me


Rich Bernstein has owned and/or managed companies in varied industries; both private as well as publicly traded. Rich has been active in the coaching industry since 2003, and has functioned as a support manager as well as a global sales director internationally.

His background in sales, support, marketing, and business management makes Rich uniquely qualified to help licensees and business owners learn important strategies for business successes.

Rich has a full complement of skills and experience in marketing, sales processes, financial models, time management techniques, and team building.


What we really look at is marketing, sales, finance, time management, and leadership skills, but we do it all with the foundation of relationships and gender differences.

  • If you look at marketing – you really have to look at how men and women are marketed to differently.
  • If you look at sales – how men and women buy differently.
  • If you look at finance – men and women manage their money differently.
  • If you look at the time – definitely men and women manage time differently.

If you’re looking to improve your life, improve your business, and improve your career or your executive team – Mars Venus Coaching is the only company that actually focuses on gender differences, gender sensitivity, and most importantly relationships. Relationships are critical to growing your business, growing your executive team or growing your life.

Knowing how Men and Women are different is the key to better relationships

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